Investing in your branding is deciding to differentiate on more than price and quality. It's no secret, building a brand that attracts customers takes time and hard work. That's also why, when you do, it signals to your audience that you're here to play the long-term game, and you plan to become a significant player in the industry.

By defining your positioning, you give a new evaluation criterion to your potential customers. You want to create a new category where you are the leader. The logo, the name, the colors, and the other graphic elements only serve as reference points for your customers.

Ask yourself. What do people say about your startup when they look at your website, receive your product, use your service? Do people have exciting stories to share about your startup?

Exemples de situations

occasionnées par un branding de feu


Quelqu’un montre à sa soeur un email hilarant qu’il a reçu après avoir commandé une boîte de crayons en ligne. “C’est tellement drôle, j’en reviens pas, je l’ai forward à tous mes collègues!”


Un donateur affiche fièrement un certificat de don dans son bureau. “C’est tellement rares les certificats de don imprimés sur du carton de qualité comme ça, je me sens mal de le laisser dans le fond de mon tiroir!”

Our method

We always start by defining the attributes to put forward in the design during our discovery meeting.

New identity
New market


We begin with an exploratory meeting to define the target customer, the voice and values of the company, and to list all touchpoints that we need to take into consideration in our mandate.

Definition: Touchpoints are all the situations where your customers are exposed to your brand across their entire customer journey.

Afterward, we go back to the office to explore some creative directions. We aim to quickly present the possible directions in the form of mood boards. A mood board is essentially a collage of images that represent emotions and aesthetics.

With our mood boards in hand, we introduce our concepts and gather as much feedback as possible before exploring ideas for logos, colors, fonts, and images.

Pick your new identity

After the presentation, we have a good idea of what you like, and we can start creating logo designs. This step is a little longer than the mood board creation because we have to explore several variations, and you know how creative people can be. We don't want to rush them.

Once the artistic part is complete, we can present 3 concepts of logo and identity. At this point, you get to pick the idea that will best help you reach your goals. Our team will adjust the identity to your requests through revision rounds until we arrive at the final version.

Finally, you'll receive a brand guide to help you use your new logo, typographies, and colors.

Standardizing the touchpoints

During this step of the process, we will refer to the list of touchpoints created during the discovery meeting. Depending on the scope of the project, we expect to create the following designs:

This step concludes the branding project. With your brand guide and designs, you will have everything you need to use your brand image with confidence!

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