Case study:

Elite Neurokinetix part II

If you would like to learn more about the Elite Neurokinetix case study, see the Case Study: Elite Neurokinetix part I page.


Mission: Create the leaders of tomorrow by reducing the risks of serious injuries in contact sports.



Elite Neurokinetix is ​​a startup based on the research project of its co-founders, graduates of Mcgill University and Queens University. The project is titled “Data-informed Intervention Improves Football Technique and Reduces Head Impacts

They are now 4 co-founders with long involvement in sport at the provincial and national levels as athletes and coaches. Their mission is to address the problem of serious sports-related injuries and help young athletes become the leaders of tomorrow.

They reduce the risk of injury and improve the techniques of the athletes by producing personalized reports that change the way they train.

In view of an important partnership, they recruited us to rethink their brand image.

A defining moment

The partnership promises the startup significant visibility with all Canadian football fans as well as the opportunity of offering its service across Canada. If it all goes well, they can then duplicate the approach with other sports such as Rugby and Hockey.

They need to position themselves as experts in the eyes of young athletes, their parents, and the stakeholders of the sports industry.

The Project

After creating the image of the startup, our team had to develop its website. The primary purpose of the site is to capture information from visitors to measure the demand across Canada and possibly reach out to potential clients. The form allows the cofounders to know the provinces of origin of the visitors and will help them prioritize the regions with more demand.

The website's second mission is to showcase the team's accomplishments and social proof to convince the "early majority" to work with ENK. To achieve this, we decided to illustrate the traction of the startup with a map of Canada with pins representing the cities visited by ENK's team. Second, we worked with their early adopters to produce an inspirational testimonial video. We met coach Donald from Dalbé Viau and coach Mike from Selwyn House School. From these interviews emerged emotionally charged scenes about the benefits of football and their motivations for being coaches.

The Result

A responsive website that lives up to the ambition of its co-founders.
Visit the Elite Neurokinetix website by clicking here

Next step

Our team is now focused on creating a portal where athletes and coaches can go to view their videos and download their performance reports.

Designer: Catherine Porlier
Project lead: Mathieu Roy-Caissy
Front-end and video production: Michael Tola Denis

Pamela Champagne

Co-Founder et CEO

"We needed a new image for an important partnership, and it was a real pleasure to work with team sansfiltre. We felt heard throughout our project; Our new brand and our merchandise are awesome. Everyone is asking us when they can get an Elite Neurokinetix hoodie! All this to say that we are proud to wear our new logo."

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