In the year 2000 everyone had to have a website to stand out. Now what you need is a video! Whether it's for your Facebook banner, website, or ads, videos increase conversion rates, capture attention, and get your message across quickly. Besides, you will look like real pros.

There are several types of video:


Educate people about your business offering and reduce your customer service needs by giving detailed instructions on your product.

Promo/product video

Sell ​​your product or services with a video that highlights the benefits of doing business with your company. Present your company history, your values ​​, and your culture


Introduce experts to your audience or pass the microphone to your best customers


Connect with your audience by creating informal videos that show your daily activities.

Our method

We start all our projects with a discovery meeting. Our goal is to define your positioning, confirm your company's objective with this video, and understand your industry.


We prepare the storyboard and determine where to film. Then we make a list of questions for the interviews or scenes for the more structured videos.

Our mission is to save your time as much as possible by clearly defining the project.


For each scene of our storyboard, we review and adjust the lighting, cameras, and microphones.
After having captured the scenes from our storyboard, we will also film B-rolls, which can be useful during editing to establish the scenes and make transitions.

Here is a B-roll sequence that appears in Vlog_007:


At this stage, our team turns all our efforts into a great video. We edit the scenes, adjust the colors, and balance the audio of each sequence to ensure that everything is consistent from scene to scene.

It is also at this stage that we add voice-over and animations that will make the difference between amateurs and pros.

Now all you have to do i to publish your video!

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