Chances are you'll pivot often. It would help if you had an agile partner with a well-established process that enables you to sell your vision through your website. Our projects are always informed by your business strategy and branding.

Our Method

Today, the first impression isn't just wearing a tailored suit! If your clients were to judge you based only on your website, what image do you project? Same questions for your partners, potential investors, and even your banker.

For a startup, a website opens doors by creating the image of a well-established company. Conversely, an amateur-looking site could kill opportunities and deals.

Does that mean you should take your time and build a professional website yourself? Maybe, but before you start, be honest. Are you using your website as a procrastination device to avoid doing the more critical but unpleasant things? You know, those tasks that only the CEO can do, such as finding new partners, securing deals, and product development. Are you really the best person to build a website quickly and efficiently?


We identify the purpose of the website in the business strategy and in the journey of your customers.


The brand image informs us of the emotion you want your website to convey

Let me explain the two pillars in details

What is the strategic role of a website? Typically, it's to make more sales in one way or another, but some companies have other goals depending on their industry, size, etc. For instance, companies in the construction sector want to attract qualified people and non-profits want to attract donors and volunteers. That's why we ask ourselves the purpose of the website before moving forward with the development.

Secondly, we want to know the voice of the company and the emotion we must feel on the site (more info on the branding
here) We also want to know the current and aspiring target market.

Okay, but how do we
find all this information?

Our team, armed with post-it notes and sharpies, interviews your team. It' what we call a discovery meeting.

There are 3 goals for this meeting.

Define your positioning
Find out your challenges
Identify the peculiarities of your industry

It's a way to transfer your team's expertise to our team and to bring out insights. You'll see, we're very good at asking questions! We are also interested in your long-term goals because we want to make sure your new website supports your company in the long run.

After the discovery,
the kickoff meeting

Our team defines the architecture of your web site and prepares a benchmarking of the digital presence of your competitors before meeting you for the Kickoff meeting.

The kickoff meeting is used to launch the project officially; during this meeting, we take the opportunity to ask our questions - which will have surfaced during our research. Our other objective is to get access to your Facebook pixel and your Google Analytics account.

It is also during the kickoff meeting that you will be introduced to the project manager who handles the development of your website.

We start developing

We start by sketching wireframes of your web site to evaluate the need for images, videos, and texts. Then we create the content and develop the website simultaneously.

We ask for your impression at several stages of this process to always check that we are in the right direction.Once the design is approved, we go into technical details such as mobile reactivity and the set up of Google Analytics.

Voici les 4 principaux types

de sites web sur lesquels

on va travailler:

Then what?

Once the website is online and approved, we'll give you a user guide that explains how to edit the relevant pages. For example, how to publish blog posts on your site.

Come on.
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